OptiMate 2 Motorcycle Battery Charger

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OptiMate 2 Motorcycle Battery Charger

The OptiMate 2 extends life and improves performance of a 12V battery of a vehicle/water craft or 12V battery operated system that is not in daily use. Use the included SAE-71 accessory to easily connect OptiMate 2 to the battery when-ever the vehicle is parked, for safe long term maintenance even in temperatures below freezing.

It senses the battery condition, recharges and then keeps the battery 100% ready, never overcharging, and provides power to the anti-theft alarm, display, on board computer, etc.

OptiMate 2 is ideal for standby power applications, the interactive standby mode during long term maintenance reverts to full charge mode if it senses high current drain from the battery.

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