Scorpion Stainless Serket Parallel Slip-On Exhaust for Yamaha 700 Tenere RYA114SEO

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Scorpion Stainless Serket Parallel Slip-On Exhaust for Yamaha 700 Tenere RYA114SEO

Want a little more power from your Yamaha 700 Tenere A Scorpion Serket Parallel Slip-On exhaust is the perfect compromise, leaving the factory catalysts (where fitted) in place and bolting directly to the OEM system. Scorpion's Parallel Taper Slip-On exhausts are designed for improved gas flow and sound, but leave the bike fully road legal and MOT ready.

Scorpion Exhausts are Hand Crafted Performance Exhausts

You only have to hold a Scorpion exhaust to appreciate the premium design and construction qualities, which translate into tangible gains in both performance and reliability. Hand crafted Scorpion Exhausts are made in England and widely regarded as the best bike exhaust on the market today, Scorpion Exhausts has become one of the most popular upgrades a rider can make.

  • Unique precision formed 6 facet profile and an Aerospace derived multi composite ‘Claw Contoured’’ outlet.
  • Tempered / fused sleeve seam with compression coined ends and a GP Style double spring mount
  • An e marked exhaust which complies fully with stringent European noise regulations
  • Power optimised with your vehicle to give optimal performance increases across the entire rev range
  • Featuring Scorpions Original and best removable baffle system. Giving riders the option of a straight through racer "soundtrack" (Where legal to do so)

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